Quick 'n Easy FTP Server Lite - http://www.pablosoft...ftp_server.html. SlimFTPd - http://www.whitsoftdev.com/slimftpd. TYPSoft FTP Server - http://www.softpedia.

Dec 23, 2009 ... Run an FTP server in the background (I recommend SlimFTPd), open websites or applications, play a sound, open your CD drive, etc. Apache2Triad Alternatives and Similar Software ... Server bundle of : Apache2 , MySQL , PostgreSQL , OpenSSL , Xmail , SlimFTPd. Software developing triad of : PHP , Perl and Python + Apache2TriadCP ...

FTP Servers Plugins | Tenable® 3201, SlimFTPd Multiple Command Remote Overflow DoS, Medium. 3166, Zotob Worm ... 3102, SlimFTPd < 3.17 Multiple Commands Remote Overflow, High. SlimFTPd – schneller FTP-Server ohne Firlefanz - PC-WELT Wenn man größere Dateien an Freunde übermitteln will, eignet sich ein eigener FTP-Server perfekt für die Übertragung.

Oct 9, 2008 ... Free SlimFTPd Download, SlimFTPd 3.181 Download.

SlimFTPd: Tutorial - The Uniform Server Wiki This FTP tutorial is aimed at new users all examples are run on SlimFTPd (V3. 181) a fully functioning FTP server. You can download the server and examples ... 5 Small, Lightweight and Easy To Use FTP Server for Windows

Add-ons - NeoRouter SlimFTPd 3.18 Add-on for NeoRouter. SlimFTPd add-on allows you to setup a fully standards-compliant FTP server. This package contains SlimFTPd version ... Apache2Triad 1.5.4 Free Download Apache2Triad - Server bundle of : Apache2 , MySQL , PostgreSQL , OpenSSL , Xmail , SlimFTPd Software developing triad of : PHP , Perl and Python + ... Apache2Triad Net apache2triad 1.4.4 slimftpd bug. Synopsis : On clean Windows 2000 SP4 install , upon default apache2triad 1.4.4 install the slimftpd service doe. Posted by ...

Jan 2, 2004 ... SlimFTPd supports setting of file timestamps through use of the MDTM command. This capability, though not presently allowed by the existing ... g4u - Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs - Dr. Hubert Feyrer